December 10, 2020

Blackboard Collaborate or Microsoft Teams. GoGuardian or ExamLogin. eLearning or in-school learning. A year ago, these choices would have seemed trivial or irrelevant, not holding nearly as much significance as they do today. COVID-19 has caused insurmountable change in our lives today, with eLearning being one of the most complicating and impactful of them all. The most recent life-adjusting change has been the temporary school-wide shift to eLearning, announced Nov. 13 and lasting to Dec. 2. Education faced yet another hurdle to surpass. During this time, Crier decided to publish its fifth issue exclusively online, a fitting choice for such an unprecedented year. Below are the links leading directly to the stories of this issue.


Your questions, answered

Art club mural to be delayed until next semester

A club to think about



EDITORIAL: Dear teachers

Embracing the awkward

A lonely holiday now, a better one next year


De-stressing at its best

Best lemon rice soup around Munster


Just learning in eLearning

Stuck at home, stuck in the mind


Winter Guard spins into a new season

Conquering the court

One pin at a time

And the buzzer goes off


Good-bye, 2020

Going live in 3…2…1…


Backtalk: December 11 is national lost and found day. Name one thing you have lost and found, or have never found.

Backtalk: December 13 is national salesperson day. What do you think would be the hardest thing to sell and why?

Thank you to Ms. Sarah-Anne Lanman’s Journalism 1 class for interviewing for Backtalk. Class members include freshmen Armani Bearden, Melanie Egebrecht, Laela Hawkins, Madison Hershman, Lauren Hoogeveen, Sarah Lenaburg, Anum Minhas, Anthony Ornelas, Jesylin Petrovic, Sofia Sanchez, Kaylea Stanczak, Ava Tucker, Kara Vitale, Andy Zhang, sophomores Reena Alsakaji, Aidan Boyle, Lauralyn Courtney, Hiba Fatima, Gracie Kisala, Josephine Mittelberger, Janai Munoz, Clare Regan, Ryan Tully, juniors Mickellan Kelly-Long, Alexandra Platis, and seniors Anthony Anglin, David Cordova, Donovan Espinosa, Genevieve Mrvan and Evan Stevens.

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