Winter Guard spins into a new season

Winter Guard begins seasons, first competition scheduled for Feb. 6


Henry Hofferth

IN ACTION As Winter Guard enters an early season, Abbey Gorny, senior, tosses her rifle, preparing to catch it behind her back. “I am personally very excited for this season; it seems like our most challenging and powerful yet,” Abbey said.

With the Color Guard season cut short in October, Winter Guard is already gearing up for their first scheduled performance on Feb. 6.

“We are competing in a new circuit this year because of COVID, so I don’t know how hard the competition we are against really is,” Madison Beetson, sophomore, said. “I just hope we keep improving every practice and don’t let COVID or the thought of things shutting down again affect how we perform.” 

The team is already taking the proper safety precautions by wearing masks, staying socially distanced as much as possible and sanitizing their equipment before every use. Even so, there is some uncertainty over whether or not COVID-19 will lead to further interruptions of the Winterguard season. Overall, the team is hopeful that the season will continue and that they will have the chance to perform.

“I want to make it to whatever circuit finals we can this year. Since we had so many opportunities stripped away from us last year, I want (it to be) our best season yet,” Abbey Gorny, senior, said.