Backtalk: December 13 is national salesperson day. What do you think would be the hardest thing to sell and why?


“Someone who sells watches. With phones nowadays and Apple watches, I feel like they are becoming less popular.”
– Dorothy Lakshmanamurthy
“Hotdog water because it is gross or unpackaged food. Unless you’re in a restaurant or something because it would be suspicious to sell a meal to a random stranger unless you’re a waiter.”
– Emily Li


“The hardest thing to sell would be smelly socks because who wants to walk around with smelly feet.”
– Gia Cvitkovich
“I think that moon rocks are hard to sell just because not all people like them and they aren’t easy to get.”
– Maya Madrigal


“Elon Musk’s Neuralink because humans aren’t ready for that leap in technology.”
– Sasha Ilijevski
“Handmade kitten mittens that will shrink if they get wet.”
– Jane Potter


“I feel like cars are the hardest thing to sell because most people already have cars and don’t want to get rid of them, and newer cars are expensive. It is also hard to choose just one.”
– Logan Gomez
“A used toothbrush because few people will willingly buy used stuff, and a toothbrush really has only one purpose.”
– Ricky Ballentine


“I think it’s hard to sell a bad personality.”
– Mrs. Kelly Barnes, English teacher
“A dynamic coach for the Bears because they seem willing to only hire idiots.”
– Mr. William Smitka, History teacher


Thank you to Ms. Sarah-Anne Lanman’s Journalism 1 class for interviewing for Backtalk. Class members include freshmen Armani Bearden, Melanie Egebrecht, Laela Hawkins, Madison Hershman, Lauren Hoogeveen, Sarah Lenaburg, Anum Minhas, Anthony Ornelas, Jesylin Petrovic, Sofia Sanchez, Kaylea Stanczak, Ava Tucker, Kara Vitale, Andy Zhang, sophomores Reena Alsakaji, Aidan Boyle, Lauralyn Courtney, Hiba Fatima, Gracie Kisala, Josephine Mittelberger, Janai Munoz, Clare Regan, Ryan Tully, juniors Mickellan Kelly-Long, Alexandra Platis, and seniors Anthony Anglin, David Cordova, Donovan Espinosa, Genevieve Mrvan and Evan Stevens.