Crier is Munster High School’s official student newspaper, serving as a public forum and two-way communication for the school and community. It is a source of information, entertainment, advertising and opinion for the student body, faculty, administration and community. Published material will stress objective reporting except for editorial pieces or columns, where opinion writing will be featured. All published material will stress accuracy, integrity, honesty, responsibility, objectivity, fairness and independence.

Comment Forum Policy

It is Crier’s goal to promote open discussion and discourse about compelling topics, and to avoid infringing on readers’ first amendment right of free speech. Crier reserves the right to delete or hide any comment if:

  • It is hateful, of poor taste, invasive of the privacy of others or libelous. 
  • It promotes conduct or activity that is illegal for most of the student population.
  • It makes racist or sexist comments or representations. 
  • It encourages the breaking of laws, regulations or ordinances.
  • It contains harmful content or spam.

If questions arise over any of these points, the comment will be brought before the Editorial Board, where the issue will be decided by a majority vote.

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Letters to the editor and reader suggestions are welcome, but should be limited to 250 words. All letters must be signed and should be emailed to the editor ([email protected]), given directly to any staff member or delivered to the Publications room, N155, one week prior to publication. Letters must not contain personal attacks against an individual. Editors reserve the right to edit for length, clarity, and grammatical errors. Crier will accept letters from anyone, provided that the content pertains to school or school issues.

Mailed subscriptions cost $25 per year. Digital issues can be found on Crier is published 10 times a school year. Ad rates and policies are available to anyone upon request.

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