Conquering the court

Girls’ Basketball gives it their all as the season continues


Madi Green

DRIBBLE IT, PASS IT: At their practice on Dec. 3, Mia Unzueta, freshman, runs dribbling drills with her teammates. Having a few bumps in the road due to Covid-19, “With a couple of girls being ill, we all work together as a team and fight through it,” she said.

Girls’ Basketball has started their season with a varsity team record of 2-4  and JV of 6-0. The game formerly scheduled for Friday is on hold. When the season resumes, the team has goals for this year.

“Our goals for the season is to fulfill what we completed last season,” Kayla Ziel, senior, said. “We hope to win a conference and make a long postseason run it is definitely in reach this year if we all come together and give it our all. We want to play every game and give 100 percent because that is when we are at our best.”

Due to COVID-19, and the very hands-on nature of the sport, this season they have made accommodations to keep safe while practicing and in games.

“COVID-19 has definitely impacted our season. We have already had to postpone some games,” Nikki Sullivan, junior, said. “We try to wear our masks as much as possible, we get our temperatures taken everyday, we sanitize everyday before we touch any equipment and we try to distance ourselves to the best of our ability despite the circumstances. I think everyone on the team is willing to do whatever we can do so we can continue our season.”

Sports allow teams to become closer especially in times of need. This year is different due to the circumstances the basketball team is in.

“This season (has been) worth it because I’m getting closer with people I didn’t expect to even talk to,”  Char Lorenz, sophomore, said.