Going live in 3… 2… 1

Emilio Cantu, junior, shares his experience beginning and growing as an amateur streamer


Antonio Cantu

EASY STREAMING Playing Call of Duty Emilio Cantu, junior, says “a typical stream consist of me just having a good time playing games with my friends.” Emilio streams with his friends often.

Linda Ramirez, Page Editor

Streaming is perhaps one of the most popular online trends, even becoming some people’s source of income. Around the world there are countless people creating their own channels in the hopes of fame, glory, or simply to experience the process. Emilio Cantu, junior, otherwise known as Fluf Origins, is one of the many attempting to make a name. 

Emilio first began recording his time playing video games roughly five and a half years ago, under the name Fluf Origins. The earliest published video available to the public on his YouTube channel is “A New Age of MLG Gamers is Coming and We Need Your Help,” dating back to March 5, 2016. However he began going live much later in comparison.

“I picked up streaming just two and a half years ago about when Fortnite first became big.”Emilio said.

Emilio had begun his expansion by streaming on Twitch, a service meant to platform life streams, while also posting short clips and announcements onto his Instagram for his audience to see. He would consider his channels to be in favor to viewers with a taste for a relaxed atmosphere and modern trends. 

“I would say that my content is aimed toward teens and younger adults,” Emilio said. “At the very least PG-13.”

The streams last anywhere from two to four hours in the evening, typically on weekends. They mostly consist of popular video games and multiplayer experiences with friends such as Ethan Park, junior, and seniors Jenai Richards and Chris Perez. 

In fact, making content with his favorite people is the reason Emilio began to stream in the first place. His continued purpose is merely to enjoy himself in the process. The idea of glamorous sponsorships and high subscriber counts play little to-no part in his continued play-throughs.

“Fame isn’t a factor in my efforts,” he said. “This is just a way to capture moments with my friends and make memories.”

However humble his ambitions may be, there is no hindrance on his efforts to improve his content, even as he balances a job.

 “As of right now I’ve been trying to find new ways to improve the quality of my content,” Emilio said. “I recently started working as well, so my streaming and content production has slowed down, but it will eventually pick up again.”

One way in which his streams may change is the website in which they can be viewed. However, for the purposes of creative freedom and audience reach changes needed to be made. The primary change is that Twitch may no longer be his main platform.

“I have recently been debating whether I should switch streaming platforms to YouTube,” Emilio said.

This is undoubtedly due to the restrictions placed within Twitch’s guidelines, which dictate what streamers are allowed to do.

“When I first started streaming on Twitch you could practically stream anything,” he said. “Now you have to be very careful with what you stream and say.”

Furthermore, there’s a large difference in the way users are treated based on popularity. Altogether, this creates a hostile environment for small streamers such as himself.

”I feel that there isn’t a point to grow any further on a platform that is slowly destroying its own reputation” Emilio said.