Backtalk: December 11 is national lost and found day. Name one thing you have lost and found, or have never found.


“One thing I’ve lost is time that I can’t get back, so I make sure to make the most of everyday.” Bryce Gelarden


“My new swim suit. I lost my old one (too) and now I don’t have one.”                                 Charlie Olmstead


“This past summer I was playing baseball with friends, we hit a baseball in the water and swam around to look for it and to this day never found that baseball.”                         David Wodynski
“I’ve lost at least one pair of each of my socks. I always wear mismatched socks, some of my socks turn up but most don’t.”     Aniqa Ali


“One thing I lost was my old self and one thing I found were the greatest friends.”     Minahil Rao
“I found my motivation to keep a 4.0 GPA with no overwhelming distractions.”       Leira Alverez


“I lost this North Face beanie on the first day I got it and never found it.”                          Eric Salazar
“One thing I lost and never found was my plastic divider when I switched to eLearning.”                                                           Salma Prince


“About three years ago, we moved, and my favorite pair of sunglasses never made it to the new house. They’re just sunglasses, but I have no clue how they disappeared and whenever I see myself in a picture wearing them, it hurts just a little.”                         Mrs. Katherine Harris, math teacher
“Lost and found: I was so happy the other day when I finally found my Mac lipstick that I lost for months. The problem is that I lost it again so now I am aggravated again! Never found: I lost my dad’s credit card at Disney World years ago in a freak accident and obviously that was never found! We laugh about it now, but not then.”                           Ms. Kristen Szafasz, social studies