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  • Companies promoting sustainability often are not as environmentally aware as they claim to be. Greenwashing occurs when a company oversells their environment-friendly practices. (Is internet culture sustainable?)Cartoon by Kristen Baurain
  • “2021 had the most transgender deaths since we began statistics for trans people,” Tayo Clark said. (Not just a club)
  • Upon walking into Maria’s Buena Cocina, one is overwhelmed by the homey atmosphere, the smell of Mexican food on the stove and the hospitable staff. (A taste around town)
  • Coach Michael Mikolajczyk coached the freshman baseball team for 20 years and was the varsity assistant coach for the past 3. (New game plan)
  • As a representative for Munster in Miss Teen Indiana, Madison Beetson, junior, advocates for rare diseases since she was diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis in 2012. (Pageant Pandemonium)
  • Senior Keira Hawk, junior Ayush Arora and freshman Suvali Giridaran qualified at Districts Feb. 12 to compete at Debate Nationals June 13-17 in Louisville, Kentucky. (Debate concludes season)

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CULTURE COMFORT A table laden with Singapore noodles, Spring rolls and other condiments from Asian Kitchen. Crier staff reviews various items from their menu. To read more about Asian Kitchen and other local restaurants, flip to page 7. (Atarah Israel)
POMS OUT Posing after a hard routine, Abby Silva, senior, strikes a pose. The dance team has been very successful so far this season. “This routine definitely gives us all a chance to prove we are more than capable of winning,” Silva said. (Riley Ramirez)

When we are comfortable with history, two things are happening: we’re not receiving an accurate education of history, which means we can’t have an accurate understanding of the present. – Anushka Majesty, senior