MHS holds first indoor dance since 2020

Josephine Mittelberger, Business Manager


With covid barring a lot of social activities and dances last year, students and administrators have been trying to bring a feeling of normalcy to the school year. One way has been the cheer team’s annual fundraiser—turnabout. Though there is no theme this year, Ms. Kristen Szafasz has planned a color scheme, blacks and ivories, and the rest is to be decorated with flowers and balloons. Something that has been updated is that there will be professional photos from Royce Photography; before Saturday one must get the order information from the main office or N179. Those who want photos can enter the dance at 6:30 to avoid a line.

“I was someone who went to every single dance, I thought it was important to hang out with my friends to have these memories,” Ms. Szafasz said. “That’s what we want for you guys to leave this building with and for years and have the best experiences that you can while you’re all together.”