At a glance: A look into issue 8

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Anthony Young

BUILD FOR THE FUTURE Working on their pages, Alison Lee, senior, and Reena Alsakaji, junior, help each other with design. “I love working on InDesign, but it can be really good to have a second opinion,” Reena said. “I like that Alison and I can just work smoothly with one another. We both throw out ideas back and forth and come up with a solution.”

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  • Music can have a profound effect on students’ emotions and can reduce anxiety by up to 65%. (Breathe in, breathe out)
  • According to a Crier survey of 336 students, 57.4% of students receive their current events from social media. (What now?)
  • Mr. Bob Shinkan’s legacy consists of 688 Baseball games won, 48 years of teaching, five Final Four Baseball appearances, and three Hall of Fame inductions, and more. (A lasting legacy)
  • HB 1041 can cause the mental health of transgender and gender diverse youth to deteriorate, who already are at four times greater risk of depression. (Inclusive or exclusive?)