MHS implements two new clubs

Crier highlights new clubs this year, as well as clubs you may not know

Sydney Jones, Page Editor

Dungeons and Dragons 

Dungeons and Dragons Club is a new, unofficial club to MHS with sponsor Mr. Ben Boruff, English teacher. More and more people have been playing the game because of its growing popularity. The game itself contains collective, interactive storytelling where players create characters with fictional, predetermined abilities.

“It’s like simultaneously writing and acting in a fantastical stage play. It encourages cooperation, imagination and innovation,” Mr. Boruff said.

Overall, if you enjoy storytelling and writing, this club is something to consider.

Raspberry PI and Python

The Raspberry Pi and Python club are great for people of all experience levels of programming, sponsored by computer science teacher Mrs. Koula Amanatidis. It’s useful to learn the basics of programming, as well as more advanced  projects. 

“Many members may also just have an interest in programming itself and may want to learn the basics of programming.” Ajitesh Lalam, the president of Raspberry Pi & Python, said. 

If you have an interest in computers and coding, this club might just be the perfect fit for you.

What club is right for you?

Crier highlights new clubs this year, as well as clubs you may not know

1. What is your favorite subject in school?

a. history

b. math

c. English

2. What is one of your biggest strengths?

a. public speaking

b. technology

c. story telling

3. What career do you see yourself in?

a. law/criminal justice/advocacy

b. STEM-related

c. fine arts-related


mostly a’s: philosophy club, debate, mental health club, poetry club, DECA

If you chose a’s, chances are you an extroverted individual who likes to speak to others, and would enjoy clubs where you can participate in intellectual thinking with likeminded individuals.

mostly b’s: raspberry pi & python, cyberpatriot, academic superbowl, science olympiad

If you chose b’s, you might enjoy clubs where you can experiement with technology and compete academically.

mostly c’s: dungeons and dragons, poetry club, esports, crier, paragon

You proabably enjoy the liberal arts, and would enjoy clubs where you can tell stories, play games and write.