JCC continues, plans for immersive meetings

JCC begins new year and creates new awareness


Kristen Baurain

CULTIVATING CULTURE At their Oct. 21 meeting Jewish Culture Club members watch a presentation on Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot.

Founded three years ago, Jewish Culture Club is continuing to provide ways for students to gain awareness of Jewish culture. The club held a second meeting Oct. 14 which acted as a second callout. Meeting dates for November and beyond are to be determined. In past years, club members have seen speakers and participated in presentations with crafts incorporated at the end. Entering its next year of activity, JCC aims to provide a way of learning about Jewish culture in an immersive manner.

“Our club is open to people who are Jewish and non-Jewish,” Mrs. Kelly Barnes, English teacher and club sponsor, said. “We think that it’s important to understand other people’s cultures because it creates an open dialogue and conversation about different cultural values and cultural expectations.”