DECA kicks off new season with stock market game

Starting up their season, DECA members are getting down to business with their recent stock market game. The competitors have three months to buy and sell stocks, bonds and mutual funds alike. In order to qualify for our regional area, the team must present and provide an explanation of their actions to a judge. 

“This is the first year people have done it, but it’s the same exact game they play in economics their senior year,” Mr. Ryan Popa, DECA Sponsor and business teacher, said. “The top 25 winners in (the stock market game) get to go to Atlanta—they automatically qualify to go to internationals.”

While participating in the stock market game, DECA is sparing no effort in preparing for the Jan. 15 district competition and State. If members qualify after State, the next step is to head to international competitions held in Atlanta, Georgia. Still looming is the question of whether COVID-19 restrictions will allow them to compete in-person this season. Nevertheless, DECA still continues to have hope and anticipates the relationships that can be formed if allowed to participate in-person.

“When we go to the state competitions there’s other schools there, so there is an opportunity to meet people from other schools along with other teachers and business leaders,” Mr. Popa said. “Whenever you can make new network connections, it’ll always help you out.”


Henry Hofferth
Henry Hofferth