DECA wraps up State on Monday

As State draws closer, DECA competitors study for their tests and wait for their role-play scores. 

“My role-play situations vary and place me in a situation where I am in charge of the front desk, branding or as the general manager at a hotel or lodging facility,” Ashley Nita, senior, said. “I have been studying the different performance indicators that may appear in my role-plays.” 

Individual and team state participants must take a 100 question test that correlates to the event they are in. Individuals have two 10 minute role-plays, each with a 10 minute preparation period, while teams have a 30 minute roleplay. Within the roleplay, the student will be given a prompt and have to explain how they would respond to the situation.

“I tend to overthink questions on the test and second guess myself,” Sydney Skrobot, senior, said. “But I feel more confident presenting my solution and creating a marketing plan.”

Students get ready by taking practice exams, reviewing techniques that relate to their event and playing out scenarios that may relate to what will occur in State.

“I prepare for state by practicing various scenarios and thinking critically to solve them,” Olivia Balbo, junior, said.