Club Updates: Changes happening this month

  • Film Club now has a new sponsor: Mr.  Benjamin Boruff, English teacher. “A friend and I, we like to travel around Midwest and go to artsy theaters to watch foreign and indie movies, and I just enjoy helping (Film Club) out,” Mr Boruff said.
  • African American Culture Club will be changing their name to Black Culture Club. “It was a decision made by the membership base, so not the adults. The students decided this,” Sponsor Mrs. Jennifer Dettlo, Spanish teacher, said.
  •  The first Mustang Mental Health meeting was held virtually on Jan 20 with the help of SAC.  “Most of it will be about providing peer support through a student-led mental health resource,” Ava Quasney,  founder and senior, said. Contact Ava at [email protected] for more information.