HIGHS AND LOWS  Although it is easy to attribute all of our shortcomings this year to the unfortunate events of 2020, it is extremely important to examine the causing factors these mishaps.(cartoon by Daniel Nozick)

In a New World

October 1, 2020

Adorned in her mask, Emma Jez, freshman, stretches during her physical education class.

In a class of their own

September 3, 2020

During sixth hour Ms. Hannah Fus smiles for a picture wearing her clear mask. Facial expressions are a crucial component to learning ASL. “Some issues I’ve come across is being able to read the students faces,” Ms. Fus explains. “I wear a mask with a clear part around my nose down to the chin so the students can see my facial expressions without too much trouble.”

Mask life

September 3, 2020

Linda Ramirez, page editor

Together with teachers

September 3, 2020

You asked, we got the answers

Alison Lee, Copy editor

September 3, 2020

Exam Questions What is the plan for exams? We are in the process of discussing this with the department chairs. They in turn will discuss this topic with other teachers in their departments.  What is the plan for immuno-compromised students? Teachers are working...