Dance team prepares for Invitationals Jan. 23

The girls prepare for Invitationals tomorrow while pushing through unprecedented challenges


Bailee DeJarlais

PREPARE TO PREFORM Practicing her jazz routine, Clara Zuniga, senior, prepares for the upcoming Munster Invitational. The dance team has high hopes and plans on giving their all. “We have been adding on practices to clean up both dances so we can compete them at the invitational,” Zuniga said.

Atarah Israel, managing editor

With Invitationals tomorrow and preparations for the season in motion, the Dance team is ready to face the uncharted waters of this year. Despite the numerous changes they face this season, hosting the upcoming competition itself is a feat the team is not taking lightly.

“It’s definitely not the easiest thing ever,” Emmaline Miller, junior, said. “But it’s the world we live in now. I didn’t think we would see a competition, and I didn’t think we would see a basketball game or a football game. So I’m really happy to be there regardless.”

Competition season for has seen numerous alterations due to COVID-19 concerns, including much smaller audiences and a lack of in-person award ceremonies. 

“Sadly, our own parents plus other team members’ parents are not allowed to physically watch us dance,” Mia Buono, sophomore, said. “The only way they would be able to watch is for the live fee. Our parents are usually the ones to cheer us on which helps us perform and hit harder. It is hard knowing that we won’t have an audience to cheer us on, but we will be just fine.”

To combat the changes COVID-19 restrictions have brought, the team has adopted alternative forms of practice, demonstrating their dedication to the sport.

“I think the girls had to step up and realize that we weren’t gonna be able to practice as much,” Coach Cynthia Banas, WWMS teacher, said. “So, they had to make better time at practice, be more efficient [and] make sure that when we’re at practice, we’re getting as much done as possible.” 

Out of all the adjustments the team has had to make, one of the more integral elements that guide their success this season is outlook.

“I definitely think adopting a different attitude toward everything has been a major part, because we started off (the season) pretty late,” Miller said. “We definitely had to adopt that attitude of ‘it’s going to be okay. It’s not the same as we wanted, but it’s going to all turn out all right.’”