Column: Together with teachers


Linda Ramirez, page editor

2020 is undoubtedly a year of its own creation. It seems that every month is another failed roll of the dice, bringing about more uncertainty into our collective minds. Even so, time marches forward without a single look to the past, and so it is with great caution we return to school. 

At least, most of us will. For a number of various reasons, students have opted to begin the school year learning from home, effectively “splitting” the student body. However, teachers and staff members are always assuring us that learning from home will not isolate us.

My teachers have always shown extra care in involving eLearners with the lessons of the day, and engaging us with our classmates. Furthermore, teachers have made themselves and other resources easily accessible to all students regardless of red or white days.

A lot of issues can surface when relying as heavily on technology as we are. There is always someone with a missing camera or mic, a bad wifi connection or simply issues with the websites being used. Yet, as agitated as some of the teachers may be, I have yet to witness anything but troubleshooting and offering help. 

It seems that some teachers feel unprepared, like they are scrambling to hold their classes together. They have been honest that this ordeal is stressful and a little hectic, and that there are many shortcomings on their own parts.

I have also witnessed intensive concern about safety and health in the classroom. Each teacher has to assure the desks are sanitized, and check that all students are following regulation. 

With the many responsibilities placed upon our educators, it is near compulsory that we as pupils do our very best to provide them with support in return.

Just be considerate and respectful, and go the extra mile to be pleasant to work with.

Small talk is a great way to check in on them and might make their day a little friendlier. Be willing to help out another student or to troubleshoot your own problems. With all the catches of everyday learning they will appreciate independent thinkers. Finally, say thank you. Nothing is more gratifying than hearing appreciation for all of your hard work.