At a glance: A look into Issue 1

Highlights from several articles in issue 1 and helpful information

  • There has been a stricter emphasis placed on some rules over the other, all with the idea of upholding the student handbook to establish a “professional learning environment.” (by the handbook)


  • A long line spews out the door with people waiting to try the new cookie lineup of the week. The new Crumbl, located in Dyer, releases six new cookie flavors at the start of each week. (the way the cookie crumbls) (crave) (royal tea)


  • Committed D1 to the University of Texas at El Paso, Lauren Wallace, senior, is most excited to strengthen her volleyball skills, travel with her team and room with her best friend, Mila Popovic. (order in the court)


  • In recent years, mental health in schools has reached a decline. On average, nearly 1 in 5 students suffers from a mental health disorder each year. (an undercover crisis)


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