The way the cookie Crumbls: staffers review Crumbl Cookie

A long line spews out the door with people waiting to try the new cookie lineup of the week. The new Crumbl, located in Dyer, releases six new cookie flavors at the start of each week. The classic chocolate chip always remains available every week. These sharable sized cookies vary in many different flavors, including some flavors from the previous weeks: cotton candy, apple pie, brownie batter, cornbread, just to name a few.

Once you get through the line and get inside, the process of ordering the cookies is really efficient. You walk up to an electronic tablet and select the cookies you want without ordering face-to-face with a worker. Although as you wait for your order, there are no tables to sit down at and barely any room to stand. The inside of Crumbl is not very spacious, and it is difficult to wait for your order without being in someone’s way. The cookies can be purchased in different sized boxes. To get a box of all six flavors of the week, it is $18. To just purchase four cookies, it is $13. If you just want one cookie, it costs $4. You can also purchase a Crumbl cookie cutter, for $5, to easily cut your cookies into 4 equal pieces.

Circus Animal Cookie Rating: 4/5

This cookie is simple and not too rich. Although the staffers were unable to have this cookie with the animal cracker topping, it does not disappoint. The cookie tastes and has the same texture as a confetti cake. The simple frosting pairs well with the cookie, and the sprinkles add to the visual appeal.

Red Velvet Cookie Rating: 4/5

The cookie tastes exactly like a red velvet cake, and has a similar cake consistency as well. It is topped with a simple, but enjoyable, cream cheese frosting. The staffers do not particularly love red velvet cake, but If you do, this is the cookie for you.
Oreo Sandwich Cookie Rating: 4/5

This chilled cookie, which appears to look like a large Oreo, has a filling that tastes much like an Oreo milkshake. The two outer cookies taste as if Oreos were crushed and compacted together. To get the full experience, make sure this cookie is chilled.
Chocolate Chip Cookie Rating: 5/5

The classic of all desserts, you can never go wrong with a chocolate chip cookie. This cookie has large chunky chocolate pieces which melt in your mouth. Just like most chocolate chip cookies, it tastes best warm and fresh.

Strawberry Shortcake Cookie Rating: 2/5

The base of this cookie, including the cookie itself and the frosting, is flavorless. This cookie is chilled, but the coldness makes the cookie less chewy and more crumbly and messy. The cookie is topped off with a strawberry and puree topping which is similar to the kind that is on top of some ice cream sundaes. The strawberry topping somewhat saves the cookie’s flavor, but the overall taste is bland. 


Cinnamon Fry Bread Cookie Rating:4/5

The combo of the cinnamon and the chewy cookie base creates the perfect light, but sweet, dessert. Too much of the cinnamon spice frosting can be overwhelming, but the right amount compliments the cookie. So, spreading out the frosting to all parts of the cookie before you eat it would eliminate the flavor overload