Crave: staffers review new dessert shops


Anna Evilsizor

A COLD TREAT Crier staff visits Crave and gets the Cookies N’ Cream Deluxe waffle cone taco.

Dorothy Lakshmanamurthy, Page Editor

The smell of waffles and the sizzling of the batter strikes you as you walk in. Right before you enter, a menu is posted on the window with a wide selection of many unique ice cream flavors and dishes to choose from. From ice cream tacos, to bubble waffle cones, milkshakes, and bubble waffle cone bites, the variety is endless. Crave’s location is definitely a hotspot since it is next to a Crumbl Cookie and a grocery store. Despite the location, the inside of Crave is not very busy. There are a couple small tables to sit at and eat, but the ice cream can be served to-go as well. Compared to the Coldstone across the street, the prices are about the same for a basic cup of ice cream. However, Crave has many out-of-the-box dishes that are more expensive but incomparable to other places around the area like Coldstone, Oberweis, and Froyo. 


Cookies N’ Crave Deluxe Bubble Waffle Cone : Rating: 5/5

The bubble waffle cone is prepared right in front of you. The cone is filled with cookies and cream ice cream, marshmallows, and chocolate sauce. The multiple toppings cohesively blend with the ice cream within the warm bubble waffle cone to create such a tasty treat. The portion size of the dessert is big enough to serve 3 people. Since the one cone is large enough to serve 3 people, the price is quite reasonable.


Cookie Monster Deluxe Ice Cream Taco : Rating: 5/5

The concept of an ice cream taco is very eye-catching, along with a Cookie Monster flavor. The blue ice cream is arranged in a cinnamon tasting taco cone with toppings of cookie crisp cereal, Chips Ahoy, and chocolate drizzle. The blue ice cream tastes like a sugar cookie in ice cream form, but the flavor is not overwhelming. The toppings and ice cream blend together to create the perfect dish that you can share with about 2-3 friends. Considering the portion size and the unique taco concept, the price is feasible.