Anthony Young, Graphic Designer

October 2, 2020

  During the fall season, different cross country teams gather on Fridays. During these gatherings, runners will eat pasta for its carbohydrates in preparation for the next day. What is the best way to “carb up”? ...

DRIBBLE AND DODGE In a soccer match against Lowell on Sept. 23, Ethan Orange, senior, dodges, dribbles and circumvents around the defender. Boys’ Soccer won the game with a final score of 8-0. Boys’ Soccer sectionals will be held at Highland High School on Monday Oct. 5, and they currently maintain a record of 4-2-1, “I scanned the field to look for my teammates to set them up to score,” Ethan said.

Sports Sidenote

October 1, 2020

QUEEN FOR A DAY The Homecoming queens, Claire Nowak, Emma Phillips, Megan Flynn, Uyai Edet, Becky Jones, Taylor Graham, and Clara Zuniga, seniors, pose after their 80s day workout. Not pictured queen: Salma Prince

In good spirits

October 1, 2020

A push for inclusivity

Alison Lee, Copy Editor

October 1, 2020

African American Culture Club is one of many new clubs created this year. Jaelyn Williams, senior and president of this club, founded this club with several goals in mind. “When I was a freshman, I came from a private school th...