Mr. Nolan continues his morning announcements and “The Herd” newsletter


Marianna Young

ROLL STANGS As he makes the morning announcements, Mr. Morgan Nolan, principal, watches students scuttle in the doors late through his office window.

Reena Alsakaji, Editor-in-Chief

Continuing his announcements daily, Mr. Morgan Nolan, principal, makes it a goal to highlight groups of students each morning. Teachers actively contact Mr. Nolan about information to be put in the announcements, which he then files through and determines what he should include. The goal of the announcements remains the same, and he began his Sunday newsletter to parents, “The Herd” to broaden his coverage.

“My stipulation is it’s gotta be impacting the entire school,” Mr. Nolan said. “The Toy Roundup about the entire school coming together. I also tried to highlight groups who have done something pretty special within their fields.  I’m a big believer in highlighting groups of kids having success.”