Ready to run: Track is postponed until April

Following the cancellation of their indoor season, the track team will be forced to wait until April before they are given the chance to compete. While Mr. Dillon Pierie, math teacher and coach for the girls’ team, has recently been brought on to fill the position, the long-distance runners still lack a coach. 

“With the amount of expected talent to come out to this team this year our goals are to become Conference and sectional champions and put up a good fight for regional champions as well,” Coach LaRence Crowder said.

Even with bright expectations for the upcoming season, many runners are still anxious of what this year could bring.

“My worst fear is that the season will be cancelled of course,” Michael Collins, junior, said. “Last year I was in the best physical shape of my life when Covid hit. I just don’t want the team’s hard work to go down the drain again.”