Adventures in advocacy


LEADING BY EXAMPLE Members of YAT include Alison Lee, junior, Maddi Bell, junior, Carina Crisan, senior, Surajpal Singh, senior, Khusi Jhaveri, junior, Reena Alsakaji, junior

Gage Hoekstra, Page Editor

While not yet an official club, the Youth Advocacy Team was expanded from Louisiana to Indiana by George Dimopoulos, MHS alumnus. Several MHS students have taken active roles in the now international organization, offering members the opportunity to participate in several specialized committees.

“The Youth Advocacy Team is a student-run organization that works toward making a positive impact on our generation and world,” Ayush Arora, sophomore and the Indiana Member Services Coordinator, said. “We do projects, suggest legislation and advocate for policies involving education, mental health, criminal justice, homelessness, the environment and civic engagement.” 

Despite only being founded in August of last year, YAT already boasts several accomplishments, including the writing and subsequent passage of legislation, the distribution of vaping awareness pamphlets to over 200 hospitals, and the holding of a joint town hall with the New Orleans Police Department.

“We have been growing in numbers, with the majority of our students from Munster, and others from Avon High School, Carmel High School and University of Notre Dame,” Carina Crisan, senior and YAT’s Indiana State Vice President of the and the Director of Public Relations, said. “We hope to have a chapter open at Munster in the next school year. This organization gives you a chance to voice your ideas, collaborate with students from around the state, and make actual change in your communities.”

For those interested, visit to fill out and submit your YAT application.