Just one of those days

School policies differentiate taking sick days and quarantine


Gage Hoekstra, Page Editor

Following the reopening of the school and in accordance with Lake County guidelines, many new policies with regards to sick days have been instituted for both students and staff. The main objective of these policies is ultimately to protect students, teachers, and Munster families. The administration has focused on ensuring that ill students are kept out of the school building, both sending symptomatic students home and suspending those policies which may incentivize sick students to come to school. 

“Almost everyone I know that has been sick stayed home this year; sometimes they stayed home even if it was just a cough,” Reena Alsakaji, sophomore, said.

Many administration members also echoed this sentiment, with Mrs. Valerie Zemaitis and Mr. Brian Clark, vice-principals, both stating that sick students attending school have not been seen as a major difficulty this school year. While the administration seems confident in their ability to safeguard the health and wellbeing of both students and staff, some students have raised their own concerns.

“Most kids around this time of year come down with colds or allergies and it’s a normal thing to happen and normally kids would just go to, but this year it is different,” Jenna Kosco, junior, said. “Even if you have allergies or a runny nose you are supposed to stay home and get a COVID test to be able to come back to school. I just think overall it is a difficult situation to be in.” 

Many students have also expressed their belief that despite these efforts, they may still face negative repercussions for taking necessary sick days.

“I do not feel encouraged to stay home at all,” Luka Stepanovich, junior said. “It is very difficult, for me at least, to remain caught up with my work when I must be virtual.”

Some students have also cited pressures from both parents and teachers as a deterrent to taking sick days.

“I find it easier for me to learn in school, so it did suck when I was sick and had to miss because it made learning a little bit harder for me.” Jenna ,said. “I was tired of putting pressure on myself to hurry and try and get better to get back into school. Overall I just think it is a complicated situation this year, and I think everyone is still trying to adjust the best they can.”