Editorial: Change not worth the chaos

Editorial: Change not worth the chaos

Continuous intervals of rustling followed by loud banging sounds project from the roof above the study halland no more headphones to block out the noise. If we need to leave the class to go to the bathroom or anywhere, we are tracked by a digital program and hallway monitors with iPads. 

These changes, amongst the other many changes that have been implemented this year, have been by administration to primarily improve focus, student well-being and safety. But have some of the restrictions created more frustration with students and teachers than it has helped?

Although headphone use in the hallways and while teachers are teaching seems reasonable for security and respect purposes, during study hall seems to prove beneficial. With the amount of videos provided by teachers and AP Classroom to help review and study, it seems only fair that students should be allowed headphones in study hall. 

Limited training when it comes to the switch from Blackboard to Canvas and written passes to digital passes have not only set teachers back on their plans for the year, but it has also stirred up confusion among students with assignments and announcements. If teachers felt properly trained with Canvas and the digital pass system, in addition to the time already provided to get ready for the school year, then the start of the year would have been much smoother. The learning curve of these changes are expected, but more thorough introductions would have cured some of the chaos. 

Our take:

The many new changes are provoking more confusion and frustration for teachers and students rather than its intent to improve focus and safety in the school.

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