Playing like it’s the very last

Football team and staff talk about changes made to make the season last longer


TACKLE FOR LOSS At the football game against Highland Sept. 26, AJ Prieboy (27), sophomore, tackles an opponent, Abe Centeno (23), sophomore and Cam Perry (7), senior, celebrate the play. The tackle for loss caused the 4th down for Highland. The team lost the game with a final score of 3-20. “I got off my block and planted him,” AJ said.

Linda Ramirez, Page Editor

Homecoming—the long standing tradition of welcoming current and former students to come out and support our school. Every year it is a celebration of our Mustang spirit, shown through the elegant fun of the dance, and the roaring crowds of the football game, a  true feeling of togetherness among our team. As the world breaks out in pandemic, adjustments are needed, especially for the homecoming game tonight against Andrean. 

In order to keep players and coaches healthy, the Football team has adopted new protocols in order to be able to practice. For the players, the most noticeable change has been drills required to be six feet apart. Masks, when not currently playing, are required at all times.

Having sanitary equipment is more important than ever as well. The washing and wiping of equipment occurs before, during and after practice is held. The team receives help in upkeeping safety standards from their trainers and managers. Most noticeably perhaps are the efforts of Alex Lesinski, class of ‘20, noted as being proactive in cleaning tools and spacing the players out.

“Future games should go well, says Aleks Maric, junior. “As long as we do what is asked of us by the coaches.”

So aside from being distant and the frequent use of hand sanitizer, things seem to be mostly normal for the boys on the team. According to Coach Jason Grunewald, gym teacher,  there are a total of ten new players being welcomed into the field, and no one yet having left due to COVID-19. All goes to show that despite uncertain circumstances, our team spirit still stands strong. 

“Our players have done a great job taking it one day at a time and giving us their best effort,” Coach  Grunewald says. “I am very proud of all the young men in our football program.”

When asked if it was hard to inspire and give motivation, both coaches came back speaking of the boys’ resilience. 

“I think the players are more motivated to play because of the uncertainty going around,” Mr. Ryan Popa, football coach, said. “The players know that each game may be the last for the season.”

With the chance of the season suddenly ending, the players have come to truly appreciate each opportunity provided.

“Regardless of the situation at hand or the outcome of the games, the games will always be fun and meaningful to me as my high school career continues,” Maric said.