Culture Cuisine Club hosts first call out

Linda Ramirez, Page Editor

Juniors Maddi Bell, Emily Sun and Jonny Bryson-Harvey, have partnered with Mr. Larry Hautzinger, physics teacher, to create a club aimed for students who are interested in experiencing and learning about other cultures. The cuisine club will educate on the people and customs of the world through the universal means of food.

“Emily and I had the idea to create a club that allowed for various cultures to be shared and expressed to the school,” Maddi said “While Jonny had the idea to introduce a culinary aspect to it.”

The first meeting of every month is a presentation of the explored culture, while the second is partaking in common music, games, and dishes. The call out meeting was held yesterday Oct. 1 in the LGI, additionally available on Microsoft teams for eLearners to join.

“The eLearners will probably not be able to take part in the food eating, but we are considering having some at home cooking classes in order for them to get the full experience of the club through food,” Maddi said.

For any further information on the new club, please contact Maddi through her school email.