Marianna Young: 159,490 minutes remaining

Everyday from freshman year to now, I can admit, I’ve gone through the motions. After the first day of school, when my walking route from one class to another is engraved into my head, each step is on autopilot, going through the motions. Going through the motions, mindlessly finishing my school work, focusing on getting a good grade rather than actually achieving long term learning. Going through the motions as I drift from one friend, and gravitate towards another. One can easily get caught in the whirlpool of going through the motions, when each day begins to feel like a Crumb song. Snap out of it! Whirlpools are dangerous! When I realize I’ve been pulled in too deep, I remember to look around, soak in the beauty of the moment, and slow down. Despite walking through the halls on autopilot, I acknowledge all the unique personas that surround me, those which make up what we call Munster. Running into a friend, I slow down, and enjoy the moment of their company. As I read “Stillness is Key” written by Ryan Holiday, I came across a quote that states, “Don’t reject a difficult or boring moment because it is not exactly what you want. Don’t waste a beautiful moment because you are insecure or shy. Make what you can out of what you have been given. Live what can be lived. That’s what excellence is.” As I go through the motions of school’s highs and lows I keep this quote in mind, and I will continue to as I endure two more years I have left of “going through the motions” of high school. I suggest you do too.