In memory of Ms. Virginia Eib, our appreciation


Reena Alsakaji, Editor-in-Chief

Ms. Virginia Eib passed away on Wednesday evening, April 5. The 2022-2023 school year was her first year teaching English after spending time as a substitute for MHS. Services for Ms. Eib will be held tomorrow at the Westminster Presbyterian Church at 11 a.m.

For this issue of Crier, we knew we wanted to dedicate a page towards appreciating our teachers. In memory of Ms. Eib, English teacher, we wanted to highlight our appreciation toward her and the many students whose lives she touched.

“All she brought to us was laughter and enjoyment,” a junior, said. “The last memory I have of her was when she entered the classroom and she said, ‘assalamualaikum’ because she knew I was Muslim. In Arabic, that means peace be upon you. All she brought to us was peace. She was a good person and her character brightened up the room because of her laughter and enjoyment. She always had a smile on her face, no matter what. Whenever I talked to her about anything that happened in my life, I could see the empathy and sympathy in her eyes.”

“She was a very intelligent person,” Mrs. Brook Lemon, English teacher, said. “She had a writing background  and so we respected her a lot because she had a lot of knowledge. She was just funny, very gracious. She was very sympathetic, empathetic too.”

MHS mourns the loss of teacher and substitute Ms. Eib.

“I would say just talking to her in general. Back when Mr. Shinkan died, she was our perm sub for that class. She was just really nice and we would always talk about life and stuff and I just always looked forward to talking to her in that class and every time I saw her from then on, as my sub, I would always smile,” Haidyn Smith, junior, said.

Editor’s Note: On May 31st, 2023, a name was removed from the story due to a privacy concern.