Rhiannon Shelton, freshman: 233,290 minutes remaining

Josephine Zangrilli, photographer

People were shuffling out of the auditorium after MTC’s opening night of “Breaking the News.” Costume designer and actress Rhiannon Shelton, freshman threw open the back door of the auditorium. Blinded by the sun, she heard the sounds of the marching band practicing. Full of emotions, she was both excited and nervous for what was to come in the next few nights. Her eighth grade self wouldn’t ever imagine pursuing theater or show choir.

“I didn’t have the confidence I have now,” Rhiannon said.

Entering the ninth grade has helped her find who she really was. Now being in theater, she has made friends who support her. Before, Rhiannon was scared to receive backlash or be labeled a “theater kid.”

Although she was always into movies, Rhiannon never showed interest in the performing arts. “I never really paid attention to elementary music classes because I didn’t think it was gonna be important to me,” she said,  “But no, it’s one of the most amazing things I’ve ever been in.”

Being able to express herself in high school has changed her outlook on artistic education.

“We have amazing programs that have definitely helped me grow as a person,” she said. She is thankful for all the opportunities MHS has given her. To building relationships and learning new skills, Rhiannon says she will push herself to get further out of her shell. Producing her third set of costume designs, Rhiannon is eager to work with other MTC staff to improve her design skills in the next show, opening May 4, Spongebob: The Musical.