A push for inclusivity

Founders discuss reasoning and mission behind newly formed club

Alison Lee, Copy Editor

African American Culture Club is one of many new clubs created this year. Jaelyn Williams, senior and president of this club, founded this club with several goals in mind.

“When I was a freshman, I came from a private school that had a majority of black students. It was really weird coming to Munster because it’s not really diverse at all,” Jaelyn said. “There were no Black students. There were no Black teachers. It was different for me. So after experiencing that, freshman year in high school, having the culture shock, I just felt like there needs to be a space for Black students to talk about their experiences, and just share how they feel in their environment, because there are so few of us.”

Not only is it important for Black students to have a community through this club, but it is also important for other students of all kinds of backgrounds and races to learn to accept one another.

“Imagine if the roles were reversed,” Jaelyn said. “Imagine if you think about saying something, or you think about acting some type of way, imagine if somebody else, whether it be of a different race or a different religion, was to do the same thing about your race or your religion or gender. How would that feel? How would you react? Or how would it affect you? And then just think about, like, you’re giving that off to someone now?”

Jaelyn has had many meetings with co-vice presidents Taylor Graham and Uyai Edet and public relations officers Sydni Branch, Zahrya Grimes and Aleena Mongerie, and they have decided on a plan.

“I just want the club to let people know, at Munster, the things like how other people who are different races might interpret their actions, whether it be just simple stereotypes, blatant racism, or other things like that,” Jaelyn said. “I want to let people know how that might affect someone.”