Principal Nolan releases proposed schedule for the next school year


above is part of proposed schedule for the next school year. Block scheduling will happen two days a week.

Dorothy Lakshmanamurthy, page editor

Hoping to have next year’s bell schedule finalized by May, Principal Morgan Nolan sent out a proposal for next year’s schedule to teachers and staff.

A proposed school week for next year would contain three different schedules. This schedule would be a modified block with a traditional schedule—meaning you’d see all your classes—three days a week and block schedule for two days a week where classes would be longer.

Monday, Tuesday and Friday would follow the traditional 7-period schedule from this school year. Wednesday would be A block, and Thursday would be B block. On the B block day, there is a tutorial period that will serve as a resource time to allowing students to get extra support, see a teacher for help, have a club meeting or have a counselor meeting.

“The longer block days will allow for students and teachers to engage more deeply in learning,” Mr. Nolan said. “Then the traditional days will allow students to catch up and meet with every one of their teachers. There is no perfect schedule, but I think this blend may help find a happy median for all parties involved.”

Mrs. Maria DeRosa-Bellachen, Spanish teacher, likes the daily interactions with all of her classes each day and prefers a traditional schedule. She is concerned that she will be unable to cover all the material needed in an academic year with block days.

“I would have to redesign my lesson plans,” Mrs. Bellachen said. “More time does not equate to teaching more information in a class period.”