A lot of time to manage: 233,290 minutes remaining


Emma Kunka, Journalism 1

In my first year of high school, I quickly realized that my time management skills would have to drastically improve if I wanted to succeed. I would need good time management especially if I were to be busy outside of school. When I first started high school, I didn’t manage my time well and my grades suffered from it. My grades were C’s and D’s, I had no motivation, and I made excuses that I didn’t have enough time. So, I knew I would have to figure out ways to manage my time.


I made a schedule that would help make me more organized and make me remember important dates. The schedule consisted of tests, appointments and I also made sure that I had designated time for my friends. I also made  note of the time I had left over to enjoy myself and relax. I didn’t overpack my schedule because I didn’t want to get stressed and burnt out. Making a schedule also helped ensure I would remember import tests and be prepared. An agenda was also really helpful to manage my time. It made me write down all the things I had to do, such as due dates of school projects, or what chores I had to do for the week.  


I learned that setting reminders for just about anything was very helpful, whether it was a reminder on my phone or  a sticky note in a common place that I look at a lot, like my school laptop or the calendar in my room . Anything like that helps, and it made sure I got almost if not everything done, whether it was homework, studying, practice, or chores. Having reminders will consistently help me manage my time and keep me on track.


Having priorities makes sure I get my most important things or events done which makes more room for my school projects or essays. Having priorities also makes it where I’m not wasting my time on the little things when I have more important things I could or need to be doing. Such as studying for important tests, doing high point assignments or projects, stuff that has a big impact on my grade. When I prioritize my schedule I was able to complete my small assignments, and still had plenty of time left over for the things I liked to do .