Coming of change: 233,290 minutes remaining


Sofia Salamanca, Journalism 1 writer

Coming of Change: 233,290 minutes left

I have been in high school for about nine months, and I have learned quite a bit already —not only about school, but many life lessons. By far the most important lesson I learned is that people change, and there is nothing you can do about it. 

In the past couple of weeks, a close friendship of mine faded. It was almost four long years I had spent with this girl along with two other close friends in a group together.

 At one point, we were inseparable. I could tell her absolutely anything from how my day went, to my deepest secrets I had never told anyone else. In seventh grade, she was my best friend. The four of us thought we were going to be friends after high school, and honestly forever, too. We had so many good times together, laughing until we couldn’t breathe. I knew nothing could ever hurt the group. 

Summer break was coming to an end, and high school was approaching at a rapid speed.  Freshman year, which everyone makes a big deal about. My oldest sister, who was going to be a senior, gave me a piece of advice. 

“You won’t have the same friends after high school as you do now. Trust me.”  Of course, I didn’t believe a word she said.

 “Not me and my friends though,” I insisted.

Flash forward to around February. The two girls and I start to get fed up with the other girl’s sudden negative change in personality and attitude towards us that she seemingly developed overnight. Small parts of her personality started to change for the worse. We started to distance ourselves from her. We would sit in my friend’s plainly decorated room, and share the problems we had with the girl, one by one. 

“What do we do?” I asked. 

“Do we stop being friends with her?” One of the girls suggested.

 It was a tough question, one we could not answer for weeks, until we finally came to a decision: We decided that we would confront the girl. While she gave excuses for her actions at first, she accepted it by the end. After the over- text intervention, we thought our group was saved. For the next eight days, we were closer than we had ever been. The group felt refreshed and rebranded. 

After the eight day high, it wore off. 

 The girl betrayed our trust. I thought back to the person she was in seventh grade, and I was devastated. It stung like nothing else to lose my friend. 

I thought she would always be my best friend, but people change, and there is nothing you can do.