Why English is important in schools: 159,490 minutes remining


Kendyll Lamb, Journalism 1 writer

Even if you don’t like the teacher, you still should listen because they are always teaching you valuable things. You need to always be respectful to your teachers because they aren’t trying to harm you with anything, they are only trying to help you in life.

In my English class, Mr. Kevin Clyne is one of the best teachers because he connects with the students and he always teaches a lot. He doesn’t just go off the book, he tries to use real life situations to help us prepare for the future to come. I don’t remember all of it, but he used things like situations that happened. He uses a lot of lessons that he has experienced; trying to relate to our own by using things that have happened to him when he was our age. Its not all about writing papers and reading stupid books—the books aren’t the best but whenever we have papers to write, they are always important topics. 

I have learned a lot in his class—he is really good at teaching life lessons and making people feel heard. English is one of the most important classes in my opinion because it teaches you basic things you need in life, and helps you prepare for college.

It is very important to listen to how your teachers say things and how the get you ready for the future; in the long run, you will always remember the lesson that they teach you.