Struggles with subjects: 233,290 minutes remaining


Rachel Nowaczyk, Journalism 1 writer

   At the start of my freshman year, I found it harder to understand biology than math. I have always been good at most subjects, so it was a reality check for me when I started to struggle.

    I remember getting a C on my organelles test, the first biology test of the year. I was disappointed in myself for not meeting my expectations from my previous school years. Science has usually been a decent subject for me. When I got a bad grade I was disappointed in myself. 

   In eighth grade, I always got A’s and B’s on my tests. I never truly struggled with a subject, until my freshman year. It was eye-opening that things won’t always be easy or come easy to me anymore.

   When I got in my mom’s grey Hyundai Palisade after school and found out about my C in biology I was upset. I was talking to my mom about how I am terrible at school and how this is going to drop my grade and GPA.

   “Grades don’t define you. You won’t be good at every subject,” my mom said.

   I had to think about that statement. It was still September of freshman year, I had plenty of time to get my grades up.  It helped me realize that I don’t have to be perfect. I don’t need to be so hard on myself. I can always try my best and if I don’t get the best outcome, I will still be okay. 

   I learned that I won’t be the best at everything like I was in 8th grade. It’s high school now and subjects are harder. Tests need studying. Grades don’t define me and I will struggle. But when you struggle, it can teach you lessons, it can teach you how to fix a problem. I learned it is okay not to be perfect.