Crier contacts Bowen Center, highlights student resources

For its second year, MHS has partnered with the Bowen Center, one of the largest community mental health care providers in Indiana. 

According to the MHS’ Student Support Plan, the SSP provides three prepaid counseling sessions at the center as a trial at the Bowen Center. After the initial three sessions, the Bowen Center offers optional coverage options for continuing their service. Your decision of scheduling a meeting is entirely confidential in order to protect the privacy of students, but your guidance counselor is eligible to assist in setting appointments.

The SSP offers a variety of accommodation options. In the case that you don’t feel comfortable with a face-to-face consultation, the Bowen Center recommends telecounseling, a method in which you could receive therapy through an audio or video connection. If you can’t get around to scheduling a consultation during the school year, students are able to access their prepaid SSP sessions over summer break as well. 

Crier directly called Bowen Center’s Julia Kelch, who is no longer the representative for the school board and is unavailable for contact. Instead, we were directed to new representative Kimberly Hershberger, which you can contact through the information attached.



  1. Visit
  2. Click “schedule an appointment”.
  3. The button will redirect you to a direct text-message with a Registration & Scheduling Department. By providing your full name, date of birth and scheduling request, you will be directed to a specialist as soon as available.


  1. Call the Bowen Center at 1-800-342-5653. 
  2. The 800 number will refer you to their Registration & Scheduling Department. When available, a specialist will come in contact with you to work over scheduling availability at the center. 


Connect with your guidance counselor for any questions regarding the Bowen Center. You can contact Munster’s Bowen Center representative Kimberly Hershberger through her email [email protected]. Although Kimberly isn’t available to schedule a counseling appointment for you at the Bowen Center, she can answer any other questions regarding counseling.