Remastering the undead: Crier staff reviews the video game “The Last of Us”

Emily Dywan and Zoe Clark

Since its recent live-action adaptation, “The Last of Us” has gained a lot of traction all across social media. With the series’ recent popularity, we can track it all the way back to this timeless classic.

In the game, you play as a man named Joel as he works to survive a fungal outbreak that turns humans into zombie-like creatures. His duty is to take a teenager named Ellie to a resistance group known as The Fireflies. The two trek across the country, fighting forces from zombies to federal agents, fueled by a goal to save the world.

Spine-Tingling Tales

Between its cinematic visuals and lifelike voice-acting, “The Last of Us” left an everlasting impression on me long after I set the controller down.

The moment you enter the game, you are drawn into its gasp-evoking visuals. As you follow Joel and Ellie along their journey, the weathered-down houses to the wild vegetation immerses the player into the ruin of their world.

The voice acting is just as impressive. The performances done by Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson were outstanding. Between Ellie’s witty remarks and Joel’s resilient shell, both actors delivered a depth of emotion that submerges the player into the story. If you’re a fan of action games with an emotional storyline, “The Last of Us” should definitely be on your wishlist.

  • Emily Dywan

Fungal Foes

This modern, post-apocalyptic thriller is a game that is recommended to anyone looking for something to play with intense action and an intriguing plot. 

The gameplay itself is addicting. Everything from the  overgrown cities to the rushing rivers seems real, which only gets better with the remastered version of the game. 

While playing, I enjoyed the diverse challenges, searching for supplies and locations, and the different zombies you have to defeat. While there were some parts of the gameplay that were repetitive, the rest of was entertaining.

One part that I appreciated in the game was how smooth they change the overall mood. In the hotel scene for example, it changed into a horror-type game with creepy hallways and zombies whose jump scares had me on the edge of my seat. 

“The Last of Us” is worth the many hours spent playing, and leaves an impact. If you have time to kill, think about downloading. 

  • Zoe Clark