Munster hockey heads to state


Marianna Young

RETREAT RETREAT As the puck crosses over the neutral zone, Ryan DeGard, defense, tries to regain possession of the puck.

Seamus Keegan, page editor

Two years ago, the Munster Hockey Club took first place at their state tournament. They say it was a great experience and hope to reclaim their victory this year.

“We’re practicing hard, and spending time looking over a lot of old film to make sure we’re prepared,” Joey Campagna, senior, said.

The team has games once or twice every weekend, and occasionally a couple of times a week. Members don’t have to attend every game, but if they want to qualify for state they do have to attend a certain amount of practice. 

“We play Indiana teams, but we also play teams that are like in the Chicago suburbs,” TJ Nyhan, junior, said. “So we’ve played Lincoln Way and we also played Mount Carmel.”

TJ says that while the team does have seven seniors leaving this year, they also have a decent amount of new players that he hopes will fill the void.

“We definitely want to end the season on a high note,” Campagna  said. 

One thing that separates hockey from other sports is the fact that they aren’t a school-sponsored sport, but instead a club. While most of the boys wish they were endorsed by the school, being a club does have its benefits. “Being a club sport allows us to recruit from other schools,” Campagna said. “That makes us a better team as a whole.”