Date or dip: With Valentine’s Day approaching, Crier staffers review date ideas

Ice skating date – 3/5

Josephine Mittelberger

Seen as a picturesque and straight out of a movie type of date, ice skating can be a memorable activity to conquer with your date. Staffers found that it can be embarrassing if you are not a pro skater, but can break one another out of their shell. It can be quite the challenge and your feet will start to hurt easily, but one fall on the ice can make the perfect laugh. This date, is not recommend as the first, but could be enjoyable once you start to get comfortable with one another. 

Coffee date at Sip – 4/5

Josephine Mittelberger

Although this is typically seen as more of a “grown up” kind of date, a coffee date seems to provide the perfect environment for when you’re just starting to get to know someone. On a mock date, we found Sip to be very comfortable and relaxing. Staffers found the lively yet quiet environment provided a great space for conversation and easy conversation starters. If you’re someone who worries about eye contact, having a drink in your hand to occasionally sip on is the perfect solution. 

Movie date – 1.5/5

Josephine Mittelberger

While widely shown in the media as a picture perfect first date, movie dates have been proven to be the exact opposite. Although the mock date was fine since staffers know each other well, they could imagine that it would be ten times more awkward if you don’t know the person well. Staffers agreed that nobody felt obligated to talk the whole time was fine because they’re comfortable together, but it would have been weird with someone they barely know. The whole purpose of a first date is to get to know each other, not to make weird side-eye contact while you pretend to pay attention to the movie.