A broken tradition


1974 Paragon

CIRCA 1974 Speech and Debate volunteers from 1974 pack food for the annual chicken barbeque.

Alison Lee, Copy Editor

The chicken barbeque fundraiser has been a long-standing tradition since 1965. Its cancellation this year marks a break in their tradition.

“The chicken barbecue was cancelled because we are not allowed to have visitors in the building,” Mr. Jordan Mayer, speech and debate director, said. “We would not be able to service 2000 customers during a global pandemic.

The chicken barbeque fundraiser typically has profits in the thousands. Not having it this year can have major implications for the speech and debate program.

“It definitely is a major fundraiser for our program,” Mr. Mayer said. “So our hope is that we will be able to have some form of barbecue or an alternative fundraiser in the spring.”

Although this chicken barbeque is cancelled, the speech and debate team still look forward to their season.

“We are saddened that we are unable to host the barbecue in the fall, as it is such a tradition and staple within our community,” Mr. Mayer said. “However, we understand that safety will always come first.”