Hitting the mat: Wrestling heads to sectionals as their season closes out


Connor McDonald

HEAD TO HEAD Wrestling for results, sophomores Sorvino Chansiri and Anthony Paredes practice for their upcoming sectionals. The wrestling team has spent the year working hard to ensure their success in their matches.

Emily Dywan

The wrestling team recently finished their regular season with a 12-7 record. Now, the squad will focus towards the upcoming sectional tournament. As the team’s season ends, the team charges towards their upcoming sectionals this weekend. Head Coach, Zach Slosser, plans to keep the same routine to get ready. 

 “We are going to keep our conditioning up and focus on our positioning,”Slosser said.

Beyond the team’s intense application, Coach Slosser credits both team and individual success to the goals they have set and accomplished. 

“A lot of the goals we set are individual goals,” Slosser said. “When those individual goals are met, team accomplishments are met.”

Sophomore wrestler, Jack Foreit, shares his own objectives for his first wrestling season. 

“Some goals I have set for myself are to learn the sport in depth,” Foreit said. “Another goal would be getting in better shape and conditioning.”

As for the junior varsity team, they finished their final meet of the season at New Prairie last week. Freshman Ava Walker is one of the two new females, including Noemi Cabrera Gonzalez, on the team. Despite minor injuries, both girls represented their team strong through their first season. 

“Being [one] of the only girls on the team is definitely scary,” Walker said. “I feel like our team expects a lot from us, but also expect us not to be as good as them. Coach puts a lot of extra time in for us by finding girls tournaments, which makes us feel included.”