As the bell rings

Josephine Zangrilli

Settling down into my To Kill a Mockingbird quiz, the B lunch bell rings and my quiz pauses on the fourth question. My teacher instructs the class to leave their laptops in the classroom during our break. Preparation isn’t capable of relieving the anxious thoughts streaming throughout my mind. “Will I forget everything once I return to the quiz?” I ask myself.  

Now that my schedule has been changed to C lunch, I am able to grasp how much B lunch has affected my learning. Taking quizzes in my fifth-period class was troublesome. Having to leave during a test or quiz can induce anxiety into the nearly one and three kids who suffer from the disorder.  Students aren’t the only group who are affected by B lunch. I recently spoke to my first semester English teacher, Ms. Holloway. B lunch specifically interrupts the flow of her fifth period class.  She mentioned that taking quizzes and tests are extremely difficult, especially for students who take longer to finish.

 On days that the class is not taking assessments, lessons are also interrupted. Once the class moves into the lesson, the bell rings. This makes it difficult for her class to pick off where they left off. Once the class returns, recapping what they learned before lunch takes time that they should not have to use.  

Entering the second semester of the 22-23 school year, I hope the administration is looking to find a way around the issue of B lunch.