Mustang merchandise

Linda Ramirez, Page Editor

Togetherness is more important than ever when we’re all six feet apart. And the perfect way to show your Mustang spirit and help bring us all closer together, is to adorn yourself tonight in this year’s Homecoming merchandise.

The homecoming shirt comes in four colors, each designated to a grade. Freshman year receives a gray shirt, sophomores get white, juniors red, and seniors black. On each shirt are the printed words of Mustang Spirit, merged with our school’s icon: a running mustang.

In past years the number of students purchasing the yearly homecoming shirts has been a topic of concern.

“CEC has been talking about low shirt sales in the past and how we can increase sales,” Ms. Kristen Szafasz, freshmen CEC sponsor, says. “The thought was maybe just make a general Munster shirt that people can wear at any time.”

The sales in recent time have blossomed now that these pieces of Mustang memorabilia are able to be worn to any occasion year round.

“With eLearning at home, some grade levels did see a decrease in sales, but we still had a great turnout,” Ms. Szafasz said.

The window to order a shirt closed last week, Monday Sept. 21, at 3 p.m. The shirts cost $15 each, and were available for purchase in person via paper form, or through a new experimental process found in Powerschool.

Now, as the merch is and Homecoming is tonight, be sure to wear not only your Mustang apparel, be it old or new, with your heart on your sleeve. When we as a school come support one another, we build up a community that will carry us through any uncertainties the future may face.