MHS likely to switch to block scheduling next year, Mr. Nolan says


Reena Alsakaji, Editor-in-Chief

MHS will likely switch to some form of hybrid or block scheduling next year, according to Principal Morgan Nolan. The goal of block scheduling had been one of Mr. Nolan’s endeavors since he began July 1, but it was put on hold as there was little time to make schedule adjustments. Most other school districts in the area follow a hybrid schedule, and Mr. Nolan says that following spring break, the administration will have a concrete idea of what the schedule will look like. 

“There’s a benefit for having some extended chunks of time in classes,” Mr. Nolan said. “Whether it’s labs, or more production access to work. The 48 minutes can be rushed. So giving students some opportunities, especially from a science and a humanities standpoint, where you can have some of these deeper conversations, spend some more time learning.”

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