Eye Spy Around the School: Stressed out by finals? Need something to take your mind off all that you gotta do? Take an easy brain-break





Read answers to learn more about things around school

1.  This is the screeching study hall door. The recently replaced study hall became Mrs. Ellen Naumoff’s newest pet peeve. The door did not shut on its own, and Mrs. Naumoff suspects that it may be due to some sort of air pressure resistance. 

2. This is the North Mural. Begun by Art Club in 2018, the mural was a collaboration of members’ artwork and its completion was pushed back due to COVID-19. Art club was spotted earlier this week working on it.

3. This is the Starbucks machine. Operating for a couple weeks, the Starbucks machine in North was quickly turned off with an “Out of Order” sign posted on the coffee stained glass. It broke because the smaller cans ejected wrong, hit the uncushioned bottom and disrupted a few mechanisms on the bottom. Pepsi workers came into the school to repair the vending machine, and it was refilled on Monday. 

4. This is the mysterious artifact of a mammal bone structure found in the entry way of the north. To answer all the questions we’ve had for the last few years, the information has finely come out. Mr. Mike Wells found the artifact at a yard sale. Authentic or not, is yet to be determined by an archeologist.

5.This is the Ceramic display found outside the cafeteria Showing off his students’ impressive work, Mr. Carl Fields’ presents ceramic projects of his current students. Take a good look at your fellow peers’ artwork sometime soon, you might find inspiration for your upcoming finals here.

6. This is the mural in the south. An artistic staple at MHS even before the creation of the North Mural. The mural was also created by Art Club for the 50th years of school. Take a good look at the mural next time you cross paths with it. You will come to find unique clubs and classes MHS used to hold.

7.  This is the broken teachers’ lounge lock. Both locks in the North teachers’ lounge have been broken. Mysteriously, only a few keys work. Coincidence? Currently, the sign reads, “Please use the other door. Your key might get stuck in this lock. New lock on order.” The note was taken down but recently put back up. 

8. This is a sticky note from the “moral message sticky note board.” A project Student Government proposed this year; Gaby Ruiz, senior, worked to initiate it. The sticky notes range from kind statements to small compliments, with the goal to brighten students’ days.  The sticky notes will be replenished today.

9. The “Matanic horse” was brought in by her former theater arts class student to act out the Trojan War. The student said the horse was better off in Mrs. Matanic’s classroom. “Since we are the Mustangs I agreed,” Mrs. Matanic explained.

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