Flipping into the season: Gymnastics prepares for meet

Gymnastics team prepares for their upcoming meet at LaPorte tomorrow


Zuzu smith

TAKING THE LEAP Trying to keep her balance, Jenna Skipper, senior, preforms a split jump on the balance beam. ”I try to focus on one thing so I don’t fall,” Skipper said.

Dorothy Lakshmanamurthy

Warming up handstands and cartwheels, drilling their intricate routines, swinging from bar to bar, and constantly trying to advance their skills, the Gymnastics Club prepares for the first competition of their season tomorrow in LaPorte. 

“Sometimes during practice, I get stuck on one skill for what feels like forever, and I cant move on until I finish it or make a routine without falling, which makes me super frustrated,” Mikayla Southwell, senior said. “I just have to remember to be motivated and determined so I can finish everything without getting discouraged along the way.”

Once the club arrives at their competitions, they warm-up, stretch and compete as everyone yells and cheers for each other. They compete in four categories: floor, vault, bars and the beam. 

“I’m looking forward to competing again since last year,” Giovanna Ferrante, sophomore, said. “It’s exciting to not only compete, but to watch my teammates and be able to cheer them on. Everyone at the meets is super supportive, even if you’re competing against each other.” 

Southwell’s goal for this gymnastic’s season is to have fun since it is her last year here at MHS. The club initially started because of her passion for gymnastics. After middle school, she was debating quitting gymnastics because the team she was on at the time was very strict. Her dad went to the athletics office, and now he is the coach of the club. 

“My dad did not want me to give up on something that I love so much,” Southwell said. “Now, It’s crazy that it’s going to be my last competition season ever, so I want to make it count. It will be our last season together, and I know I am going to miss my teammates after I graduate.”