Socially distanced in the stands

Alexis Perez, Design Editor

A large part of the Football game experience is being part of the student section. The student section allows students to show their support for the team, along with their spirit. 

This year, due to the pandemic, the organizers made sure to make this year’s student section safe so that students would still have a good time. There are markings on the bleachers where students have to sit six feet apart from each other. That makes it safer for the students to still be by their friends and continue to stay safe.

Since friends are separated, the experience of being at a Football game has changed. 

“For me, (this year) wasn’t as fun. Football games last year were really fun because you had all of your friends there with you,” Bella Biegel, sophomore, said. “(Since we were) six feet apart, it made the game pretty boring because you couldn’t be next to your friends and it wasn’t (as) fun.” 

A  large part of the Football experience is dressing up in spirit wear. Many students in the past years have gone all out in support. To prepare for the game, the student section leaders, Ari Arzumanian and Joey Marcus, seniors,  figure out which theme will be chosen. 

“We usually bring up a few themes a few days before the game,” Joey Marcus, senior, said. “Then, (for) whatever team (is) playing, we ask them which theme they like more, and then just base it off that.”

This year students are going all out for the themes for the student section.

“For the game that I attended, everyone in the student section participated in the theme and went all out,” Lauren Dolatowski, junior, said. 

While the social distancing rules have their downsides, they allow the students to continue to participate in supporting the team.

“I feel much safer knowing that there is a lower chance of anyone getting sick when masks are worn and social distancing is in place,”  Cameran Reed, freshman, said.